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 Digimon Story Synopsis

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Mon 11 Jan 2010, 3:16 pm

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Digimon Story Synopsis


Digimon Adventure

Tai, Matt, Sora, Joe, Mimi, Izzy, and T.K went to a summer camp like any other. But it was short lived when beams of light shot down from the sky and presented, to each of them, a peculiar looking electronic device before sucking them up into a portal in the sky. The kids ended up on File Island in a completely different world. As they explored the unknown land, they were each befriended by a small, playful creature called a digimon. At first, the digimon didn't seem to be much help in the way of getting the kids back home, but when they were attacked by a large, vicious digimon, the kids used their electronic devices(called digi-vices) to make the digimon "digivolve" into more powerful creatures, and they fought off the attacking digimon. As the kids tried in vain to find a way back to their world, their adventures led to the development of stronger bonds of friendship with their digimon partner, and the "digivolution" of the digimon in order to protect their human partners. As they explored the "digital world", they learned from the noble warrior digimon, Leomon, as well as the dimensional being known as Geni, that they were the chosen "digi-destined" who were summoned to the digital world in order to save it from a great evil. Only by helping their digimon partners get stronger and by working together, would they be able to fulfill their destinies and return home. As they continued on, they encountered many evil and dangerous digimon: Devimon, who used Black Gears to control the minds of other digimon, the infamous singer digimon Etemon, and the vile Myotismon, who was bent on taking over not just the digital world, but the real world as well. The digi-destined had to return to Japan in order to defeat Myotismon, and it's discovered that Tai's little sister, Kari, is a digi-destined as well, and that Gatomon, who was unwillingly working for Myotismon, was her partner digimon! After defeating Myotismon, the digi-destined faced the powerful Dark Masters: MetalSeadramon, Puppetmon, Machinedramon, and Piedmon. And finally, after all the evil digimon had been vanquished, the kids and their digimon faced off against the most powerful of all, Apoclymon! And after all was well in the digital world, the digi-destined had go home and say goodbye to their digimon. But they promised to come back to the digital world one day to visit their digi-friends again!

Digimon Adventure02
Digimon Adventure02 takes place four years later. The digi-destined were grown up and in college. However, Kari and T.K, who were the youngest of the group, were going to a new school. There, they met Davis, Yolei, and Cody. But the gang was totally unaware of the bedlam that was going on in the digital world. A human, who called himself the digimon Emperor, had appeared and was using Dark Rings to control digimon and make them his slaves. The digimon contacted their human partners and told them of the chaos that the Digimon Emperor was causing. Davis, Yolei, and Cody became involved when they were given digi-eggs through the computer which become their own partner digimon! As the new digi-destined attempted to stop the Digimon Emperor, they discovered that he's the renowned boy genius, Ken Ichijouji, and that he's a digi-destined as well with his own digimon, Wormmon, whom he abused because he felt that Wormmon was too weak to be worthy of him. But Ken still felt that he was superior and should rule the entire digital world. In his last futile attempt, he created the digimon monstrosity, Kimeramon. But when he lost control of it and was finally confronted with the digi-destined, they told him that the digital world was a real place, not just a computer program as he had thought, and that digimon are real living creatures as well. When Ken finally realized his terrible mistake, he was distraught and bewildered and had to face his horrible past...but he was thankful that he was still loved by his parents. In the later part of Digimon Adventure02, Ken gradually became one of the group when they were threatened by Arukenimon and Mummymon. Then, when Arukenimon created the ulta-powerful BlackWarGreymon, they had to prevent him from destroying the sacred Destiny Stones. And finally, the creepy creator of Arukenimon and Mummymon, Oikawa, appeared to put his plan into action...which could mean the disclosure of a most frightening digimon!

Digimon Tamers

Digimon Tamers begins an all new story with new characters. Takato Matsuki loved the digimon card game, and also loved to draw digimon during class time! When he created his own digimon, Guilmon, he never imagined that Guilmon would become real! But one day, a mysteries blue card appeared among Takato's digimon cards, and when he slid it through his card reader, the card reader became a digi-vice! And if that wasn't shocking enough, the radar on the digi-vice led Takato to a back alley where Guilmon had emerged from the digital world! Takato and Guilmon became fast friends, but Guilmon wasn't the most obedient digimon(he pretty much only liked to eat and play), and Takato had trouble teaching Guilmon that digimon aren't allowed at school! Later on, Takato discovered that he's not the only one whose obtained a digimon. He met Henry and his digimon, Terriermon, as well as Rika and Renamon. While Takato and Henry preferred to let their digimon play and have fun, Rika only wanted to have Renamon fight so that she could be the best digimon tamer. As more and more digimon began to break through the barriers of the digital world and emerge to the real world, the tamers had to defend themselves against them. While Rika only wanted to defeat them so that Renamon could load their data and become stronger, she soon realized that Renamon is her partner and friend, not a slave, and that digimon aren't just data, but are living creatures. Also, the tamers encountered ‘stray' digimon; Calumon, a cute and frisky little guy who loves to play, and Impmon, a mischievous digimon who once had tamers, but was so disgusted by their constant bickering that he left, and spent his time mocking the digimon that have human partners. And Jeri, one of Takato's schoolmates(whom he had a secret little crush on)got a digimon of her own, too; Leomon. While having to battle against the digimon emerging from the other world, the tamers also came into contact with Hypnos, a secret government agency run by the shady Yamaki. Yamaki knew that technological advancement(internet, cell phones, etc.)had wrought a whole new plane of existence; the digital world, as well as the digimon. He saw digimon as false life forms that could be dangerous to the world, so he made Hypnos' main goal to delete all digital life forms...and Yamaki told the tamers that their digimon are targets as well! After Hypnos launched it's ultimate deletion program, Juggernaut, it failed and ended up destroying the entire Hypnos computer system. Later on, the tamers had to do battle against the Devas, a group of digimon that want to eliminate humans so that they could rule both worlds. The Devas knew of a hidden power within Calumon, so they kidnapped him and took him to the digital world! So Takato, Rika, Henry, and Jeri, as well as Kazu and Kenta, two of Takato's digimon loving friends, found the portal to the digital world and set out to find Calumon. As they explored the harsh world, many things were discovered: Impmon had made a deal with the Devas; if they were to give him the power to digivolve, he would destroy the tamers, and also why the Devas wanted Calumon; he had the special power of making digimon digivolve! Throughout their digital world adventures, Kazu, Kenta, as well as Henry's little sister Suzie, got digimon partners, too! The last part of Digimon Tamers deals with the ultimate battle against the D-reaper, a program that was originally designed as a simple deletion program, but had evolved and was now destroying the digital world as well as the real world! So the tamers, the tamers' parents, the Hypnos workers, and all of the digimon must work together in order to stop the D-reaper from deleting everything!

Digimon Frontier

Digimon Frontier starts the saga anew. Five kids, Takuya, Zoe, J.P, Tommy, and Koji recieve mysterious messages on their cell phones telling them to board a certain train at the train station. But little did they know that the train(actually the digimon Trailmon) was going to take them to the digital world! Once there, they meet the comical digimon duo of Bokomon and Nemon. The kids soon discover that they're "legendary warriors", and when they find their human and beast spirit digi-eggs, they're actually able to transform and become digimon! Now, they have to save the digital world from the evil clutches of Cherubimon and his own band of legendary warriors, as well as seek out guidance and aid from the wise Aphanimon and Seraphimon.


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Digimon Story Synopsis

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