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 Thông tin Heroes VI

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Thông tin Heroes VI MiniclockTue 24 Aug 2010, 11:55 am

..:: Royal Leader ::..




Royal Leader
Tổng số bài gửi : 475
XK Coin : 6233
Thanked : 108
Status : ..:: Royal Leader ::..

Bài gửiTiêu đề: Thông tin Heroes VI

BlackEscaflowne - Ubi Forum đã viết:


ATTACK - the skill of a unit to penetrate enemy defenses, to break a block or to catch the enemy with the blade.

DEFENSE - the skill of unit to block/evade a enemy attack. The greater the stat, the fewer enemy units from the stack will actually score a hit.

ARMOR - The heavier the armor, the more damage it can soak and the less HP's the will the unit actually lose.
Armor had different resistance to differnt damage types.. For example - Full Plate Mail has 50% resistance to Blunt, piercing, Slashing, while a Ringmail has 60% Piercing, 20% blunt and 40% slashing..
DAMAGE: The damamage the unit does
Slashing/cutting - swords and axes
Piercing - spears, daggers, arrows
Blunt - maces, hammers, rocks
Acid - in adition to normal damage it allso reduces the armor protection of the target for 1 turn and wounds cannot regenerate.
Fire - deals normal damage. Wounds caused by fire cannot regenerate normally. There is a chance (dependng on the targets fire resistance) that that target will burn. reciving aditional damage the next turn
Cold - in adition to normal damage it may freze the opponent, reducing it's speed and AP's.
*Posible holy or unholy, but I really don't see a need for this.*
Also primary damage can be magical or non-magical.

HEALTH: Hit points of the unit.

SPEED - speed of movement of the unit, determines the order of attacks.

MORALE - effects any units that have free will (thus including some undead like Liches and Vampires). Low morale causes units to lose AP or even to run away. High morale can grant a unit additional APs. Morale is mesured on a scale from 0 to 100. Typical morale is 50, alltough different units have different typical morale. There is allso a Break Point for every unit. Flanking, heavy losses, fighting undead and similar events cause units to loose morale, and once it falls below the BP, the unit runs away. Each unit allso has a Morale Recovery Rate - a rate at wich morale is recovered each turn. Just as some items/spells/units have the ability to increase Typical Morale of other units, so there are some than increase/decrease the recovery rate.

HATES - some units hate units of specific type or specific units. These units can cause aditional damage to the ones they hate and sometimes even attack without beeing ordered.
It's not a good idea to have units that hate eachoter in the same army - they might turn on eacother, or if you have bad leadership one unit may even turn against you.

LIKES - some units like units of specific type or specific units and it's highly likely they will refuse to attack them in combat (example - a Paladin will allmost certanly refuse to attack a Angel or another Paladin). This is a VERY RARE STAT.

FEAR - Units that fears another unit might refuse to attack it (depending on leadership and morale). Unit attacked by a unit it fears loses morale faster.

LUCK - Chance to do double damage or to recive half damage. Negative luck has the opposite effect.

CHANCE TO HIT(applies to ranged only) - due to varius obstacles, distance and weather effects, ranged units have a chance of missing. For a archer division of 100 archers shooting at pikemen on a castle wall, a chance to hit of 30% means that only 30 archers will hit their target(actually doing damage), while 70 will miss.

ALIGMENT - Each unit (including heroes) has Aligment - Evil, Neutral or Good. Units of opposing aligments don't work well together. Replaces the town creature morale bonuses/penalties.
The Aligment of your main Hero/Town is of great importance, since you, for example, can't recruit Monks, Paladins or Angels if your'e Hero is Evil. You can only recruit evil heros and units if you're evil and good heroes and units if you're good. Neutral units will work for everyone.


TOWNS - work like before, only they can be approached (in most cases) from multiple sides. Counquered towns can be razed and looted (BIG money) or they could be migrated (bring your own people in - takes several turns and during that time you can't do anything in that town, but when complete the town becomes your own "race" town, with several basic structures). You can only choose to migrate to a type of town you allready posses.

HEROES - Heros work just like in HommIV, except they are not quite that strong. Thus, they gain experience, improve their skills and can become some special classes dependant on their skill choice. Leadership detemines the max size of an army, the strongest creatures one can control and morale. Maby there should be a arbitrary limit of Max Creatures per Slot(100, 100, 500, 1000???) that is increased with leadership and maby dependant on creature level. Catapults, Balistas and other siege equipment takes up army slots.

ARMIES - work like in other heroes.

BATTLE - Units use AP's for any of their actions. Multiple armies can fight at the same time, since anything 2 hexes away from the battle on the world map is allso taken into consideration.

CASTLES - difficult to conquer, since the walls and towers offer great protection. Moats can stop land creatures. Magic walls can prevent flying creatures from flying into the castle in the first turn, and can allso do small damage to them. Can be attacked and defended from multiple sides at once. Possbily some of the built structures could be destroyed during the siege.

WORLMAP - HOMM3/AOW2 hybrid. Devided into hexes.

BATTLEMAP - Like in AOW2. Multiple armies can fight at once, towns can be attacked/defended from most sides.

HOLY - undead are weaker, good units get a morale bonus
UNHOLY - undead are stronger, non-undead get a morale penalty
SWAMP - units not used to swamp terrain move slower. Especially mounted units. Fire creatures are weaker
DESERT - (random factor)HOT - water units are weaker, morale decrease - or - SANDSTORM - all units are slower, flyers are grounded, ranged units have a high miss chance
GRASSLAND/FOREST - animals/elves get a defense bonus here



Listing of proposed towns and creatures. Underline is the base unit, below are possible upgreades.
Lvl7 units are not upgreaded, rahter one of 2 possible is chosen.
This ammounts to 20 units per town.

PRESERVE (Life-Nature) - Good/Neutral
Hero Class: Ranger, Druid
Magic: Life, Nature, Earth, Water
Special Structures: Enchanted Spring(Auto-heals units in town every turn or something else), Sacred Woods(Luck +2)
Description: - similar to H3 Rampart, but even more elf-like. Think LOTR..
1. WOLF(animal, good) - fast attacks
Standard big cudly wolf
WINTER WOLF - (frost attack)
More bluish fur with frost breath. Does ice damage in a small cone radius
SILVER WOLF - (magic resistace)
Strong, fast, bigger and with a sliverish fur.

2. ELVEN ARCHER (elf, ranged, good) - LIKES ELVES
Standard Elven ranged unit. Looks like in Homm3.
RANGER - (good in ranged and melee combat)
Think Legolas in apperance. Medium armor, longbow, shortswords.
GUARDIAN - (fast fire, long range, marksmanship)
Pure ranged unit. More akin to sharpshooters. Light armor, magic longbow.
3. SPELLWEAVER (elf, good, spellcaster) - LIKES ELVES
Elven spallcaster with a staff. Similar to a normal H3 mage in apperance, but without beard.
ELVEN SORCERESS - (can cast several offensive & nature spells)
Long brown haired female in greenish flowing robes. Powerfull spellcaster, but rather weak in melee.
WAR WIZZARD - (can cast offensive spells)
Wizzard wearing a robe reinforces with sudded leather and a sword-staff. More powerfull melle unit that a sorceress, but weaker spellcaster.

4. UNICORN (animal, good, magical) - charge, magic resistance
ARMATHOR -(mounted, strikes twice on every charge - first the unicorn, then the rider)
Elven knight in beautifull armor with a sword and shield on a unicorn.
HIGH DRUID -(mounted, can cast nature spells)
Druid in greenish robes on a War Unicorn, carries a rough wodden staff shaped like antlers.

5. TREE SHEPPARD (wooden, good, Stonechrusher)
Not much description needed around here...
ENT - (faster, entangle also chrushes enemy doing extra damage)
DENEROID - (slower, stronger, entangle)

6. ELVEN GUARD (elf, good) - LIKES ELVES
Elven warrior with sword and shield and fluited armor.
BLADEDANCER - (fast attacks, great offense, Evasion)
Skilled warrior in medium armor, with two longswords.
ELF LORD - (can cast Natures Wraith, +10% magic resistance, powerfull mele, Magic Mantle)
Elven Lord in heavy armor, wielding a runed bastard sword.
Think of Elrond or Haldir from LOTR..

7a. PHOENIX (flying, good, magical) - Fire Imunity, Fire Breath, Fire Shield, Cold weakness, Rebirth

7b. GOLD DRAGON (or Silver Dragon) (Flying, Good, dragon, lvl 1-3 spell imunity, Ice Breath?)

This town has most of the most powerfull units of all levels, but they are very low in numbers compared to other towns and costly. Also, the differences between level power are very small.
All elves have 10% Magic Resitance and good defense.
HAVEN (Life-Order) - Good/Neutral
Hero Class: Knight, Priest
Magic: Life, Order, Air, Water
Special Structures: Fortifications(thicker walls, better protection),
Description: - Homm2/3 type human town

1. SPEARMAN (human, neutral, negates charge bonuses)
Name sez it all...
PIKEMAN - (first strike, 2 hex range)
Standard H4 Pikeman. Medium armor, pike.
AXEMAN - (cleave)
Medium armor, large axe. Muscular warriors with greataxes.

2. ARCHER (human, neutral, ranged)
LONGBOWMAN - light armor, longbow, (fast shot, longer range)
CROSSBOWMAN - light armor, crossbow, (big damage, long range, slow fire)

3. SWORDSMAN (human, neutral) - medium armor, sword & shield
Heavy armor, bastard sword & shield. Think of it as a tank, since he can take quite a lot.
SWASHBUCKLER - (Evasion, high defense)
Dashing warrior, agile and fast. Light armor and sabre. High speed and initiative.

4. MONK (human, good, ranged)
PRIEST - (healing, remove poision/desease)
No armor, simple robe
ZEALOT - (stronger offense)
No armor, fancy robe,

5. CAVALIER (mounted, neutral, human) - charge bonus
CHAMPION - (bigger charge bonus per hex, first strike)
Heavy Armor, Lance, Shield. Standard Champion.
KNIGHT - (20% stun chance, increased defense)
Heavy Armor, Hammer, Big Shield.
6. CRUSAIDER (human, good) - double strike - LIKES GOOD UNITS
UNDEAD HUNTER - (duble strike,+50% damage to undead, Immunity to any Drain)
Heavy Armor, Longsword. Excellent anti-undead unit.
PALADIN - (Devine Grace, +50% damage vs. Evil, Aura of Courage)
Heavy Silver Armor, Two-handed glowing sword, blue cape. The ultimate human warrior, but expensive and small in numbers.

7a. ARCHANGEL of Grace (flying, devine, good) - female angel with a sword of light, (increases defense of friendly creatures, hates demonic creatures, +10 to Max unit morale, Greater Ressurection)
7b. ARCHANGEL of Fury (flying, devine, good) - male angel with a flaming sword, armor, a bit stronger (hates demonic creatures, +10 to Max unit morale, Ressurection, increases attack of friendly creatures)


Human town has good defenses. Units are of avarage strength and growth, and are very close in stats, especially HP's. The only ones who are more exceptional are the Crusaider (massive attack & defense, good skills, but low HP and numbers) and of course Archangles


ACADEMY (Order-Magic) - Good/Neutral
Hero Class: Battlemage, Mage
Magic: Order, Fire, Earth, Water (maby even Air)
Special Structures: Library
Description: - more akin to Homm2 version. Pure magical town.
1. HALFLING SLINGER (halfling, good, ranged)
GIANTKILLER - (double damage against giants, defense bonus against giants)
THIEFLING - (Climber, far better in melee, Thief)
Halfling rouge. Dressed in dark clothes, can climb over castle walls.

2. DWARVEN GUARD (dwarf, neutral)
Dwarven warrior, shield, axe (or hammer)
DWARVEN DEFENDER - (high defense, incresed ranged attack protection)
Medium armor, large shield, axe. Excellent against ranged units, since they allways have at least 50% penalty.
DWARVEN BESERKER - (high damage, low defense, 50% cahnce of going beserk)
Light armor, two axes. Great if he's not standing near you.

3. GREAT EAGLE (flying, animal, good)
Not much explanation needed here.
ROC (stronger, bigger)
THUNDERBIRD (30% chance of thunderclap)

4. APPRENTICE (human, neutral, spellcaster) - Upgreades to mage
ARCHMAGE (no speacialization)
ELEMENTALIST (specializes in pure elemental damage magic)
ENCHANTER (spcializes in enchanting things – spells like haste, bloodlust, shield, magic weapon, etc...)
5. DWARVEN WARRIOR (dwarf, neutral)
DWARVEN BATTLEPRIEST - (can cast heal and bless)
Heavy armor, shield, hammer. Think of it as a heavy Monk version..
DWARVEN RUNEMASTER - (10% chance of Knockback, can cast Battlerage)
Heavy armor, large rune hammer. The dwarven elite warriors.

6. CLAY GOLEM (magical, construct, magic resistance)
IRON GOLEM (lightning imunity, water weakness)

7a. DRAGON GOLEM (construct) - 60% magic resistance, attack with a bite (big damage)
7b. TITAN (giant, neutral, lightningrod) - typical Titan. Any lightning attack upon it is reflected back.

Town focusing on magic with good units of average growth. Halflings are a weak ranged unit, mages are very powerfull, but low in numbers.
All Dwarves have at least 40% magic resistance.


NECROPOLIS (Death-Order) - Evil/Neutral
Hero Class: Death Knight, Necromancer
Magic: Death, Order, Earth, Air
Special Structures: Necromancy Amplifier, Unded Transformer, Dark Cloud
Description: - standard dead town
1. SKELETON (undead, neutral)
SKELLETON WARRIOR - plentifull melee unit, sword, shield, armor.
SKELETON ARCHER - skellie with a bow (ranged)

2. ROTTING CORPSE (undead, neutral) - CORPSE EATER
ZOMBIE (desease attack)
Standard zombie...slow as hell..
GHOUL - (5% chance paralyze)
Faster than rotzombie, less HP

3. GHOST (undead, flying, etheral, evil, free will)
SPECTRE - (Chill Touch, etheral)
BANSHEE - (Wail ot the Banshee, etheral)

4. MUMMY (undead, curse)
GREATER MUMMY (much stronger, faster, curse)
LICH - (undead, spellcaster, free will, ranged, evil)
5. DEAED RIDER (undead, neutral, mounted)
Normal skellie on a horse
DEATH KNIGHT (mounted, undead, evil, Death Strike)
DREAD KNIGHT (mounted, undead, evil, Horror, charge bonus)

6. VAMPIRE INITIATE (free will, regeneration, evil)
VAMPIRE LORD -(life steal, flying, undead)
Standard vampire..
VAMPIRE KNIGHT - (life steal, undead)
Vampire in heavy armor, can't fly becouse of it.

7a. BONE DRAGON (undead, dragon, neutral)
7b. SPECTRAL DRAGON (undead, etheral, dragon, evil)
7c. REAPER (undead, cleave, soul drain)

The undead town units are weaker tham most others, however they are very noumerous, especially given the necromancy skill...

INFERNO (Death-Chaos) - Evil
Hero Class: demon warrior, demon mage
Magic: Death, Chaos, Fire, Earth
Special Structures: Dark Pyre
Description: - very pits...Homm3 kinda thing

1. IMP (demon, evil)
GREATER IMP - (mana drain, demon)

2. HELL HOUND (animal, evil)
CEREBUS - (3 front hex attack)
Standard 3headed cerebus...
Bigger, uglier, stronger.

3. LESSER DEMON (demon, evil, ranged)
FIRE DEMON - (Fire Damage, Fire Resistance, Cold weakness)
ICE DEMON - (Cold Damage, Cold Resistance, Fire weakness)

4. SPAWN (evil, demon, flying) - flying humaniod demon
SUCCUBBUS - (Drain Vigor, Fire Damage)
EFFERET - (Fire shield, Fire Damage, spellcaster)

5. HORDE SOLDIER (evil, human)
BLACKGUARD - (+40% damage to Good, Cleave, Horror)
Evil knight in black heavy armor and a large purpleish axe.Typical anti-paladin.
INFERNAL WARRIOR - (Fire Damage, Combustion)
Warrior in medium armor, with a shield and flaming axe.

6. FIEND (evil, demon)
CHAOS LORD - (cleave, can cast Confusion)
Big lumbering demon with a scythe.
PIT FIEND - (Can cast Slave of the Pit's)
Big demon with a whip.

7a. ARCHDEVIL (evil, demon)- standard Archdevil - (hates Good, Aura of Fear, Teleport)
7b. OVERSEER (evil, demon)- big demon with several tentacles insted of his left arm (hates Good, Grip)

Town has powerfull units, noumerus ones.

STRONGHOLD (Chaos-Might) - Evil/Neutral
Hero Class: Chiftain, Shaman
Magic: Chaos
Special Structures: ???
Description: - A shabby camp thrown together by a coalition of creatures that love destruction
1. THRALL (human, neutral) - Weak unit, slaves that hate their mastes. Serve as a portable snack.

2.GOBLIN (evil?) - standard dumb goblin with a club
WAR GOBLIN - (strong melee unit)
GOBLIN ARCHER - (ranged)

3. SHAMAN (spellcaster)
ELDER - shaman with more spells
WAR CHIEF - shaman that likes to bash things in battle (stronger, faster)

4. TROLL (regeneration, fire/acid damage doesn't regenerate)
SWAMP TROLL - (acid damage doesn't regenerate) - bites targets, moves fast in swamps
RAMPAGER - (stronger, goes beserk in battle)

5. OGRE (neutral)
OGRE MAGE (spellcaster)
OGRE WARRIOR (strong melee warrior)

6. CYCLOPS (giant, evil, thralleater)
DEATHCLOPS (ranged, can shoot a beam from his eye)
CHRUSHER (throws big stones, can attack walls)

7a. BEHEMOTH (lower defense, big damage, slow, neutral)
7b. CAVE TROLL(greater regeneration, big damage, acid & fire damage don't regenerate, evil)

Power town. Units deal big damage but are generally slow...


SPIRE (Chaos-Magic) - Evil/Neutral
Hero Class: Overlord, Warlock
Magic: Chaos, Air, Fire, Water
Special Structures: Mana Vortex
Description: - Similar o Homm2 warlock town in every way. A gathering of powerhungry, greedy individuals and their minions. Seek knowledge as the Academy, but for diferent reason.

1. ORC (neutral) - sword, buckler..

2. HARPY (flying)
2. GARGOYLE (flying)

ORC ARCHER (ranged)
ORC CHAMPION (strong melee)
4. OBSERVER (evil, ranged) - big floating eye
BEHOLDER - one big eye, many small ones, no tentacles - weak melee (ranged, spellcaster)
EVIL EYE - one eye and lot's of tentacles (good melee, but weaker ranged)

5. DARK APPRENTICE (human, spellcaster, evil)
DARK MAGE (destruction and negative enchanting)
WARLOCK (pure destruction magic in every form)

6. MINOTAUR (evil)
MAGE KILLER (has magical shield that can reflect magical attacks)

7a. RED DRAGON (dragon, evil, Fire Attack, Fire Resistance)
7b. BLACK DRAGON (dragon, evil, ????)
7c. GREEN DRAGON (dragon, neutral, Acid Attack, Acid Resistance)


Most units are weak, but many are ranged. With later levels it becomes one of the most powerful of all towns.


FORTRESS (Nature-Chaos) - Neutral
Hero Class: Guardian, Mystic
Magic: Chaos, Water, Life, Nature
Special Structures: ????
Description: - Similar to the normal H3 fortress but not that swampy. A gathering of creatures that prefere to be left alone. Not evil, but not actually too friendy either.

1. GNOLL (neutral)

2. CENTAUR (neutral)
CENTAUR CHAMPION (strong melee, faster)

DARK ELF PROTECTOR -(strong, fast)
4. DARK ELF MAGE(spellcaster, neutral, elf) - LIKES ELVES
DARK ELF FROSTGUARD -a battlemage with a melee freeze attack(spellcaster)
DARK ELF CONJURER -(spellcaster, ranged)
5. GIANT SPIDER (neutral, Climber)
SWORD SPIDER (fast, legs like blades)
PHASE SPIDER (slow, big, teleport)

6. WYVERN (flying)
SWAMP DRAGON - (fire attack)
GREATER WYVERN - (poison attack, poison imunity)

7a. HYDRA (all-around hex attack)
7b. SHAMBLING MOUND - a golem made out of wines, grass, fungus and stuff (construct, bind, poison)

This town has units of reasanable power and growth. Dark Elves are black or silver haired and less trusting than normal elves.

CONFLUX (Magic-Life) - Neutral/Good
Hero Class: Planewalker, Elementalist
Magic: Eart, Water, Fire, Air
Special Structures: ????
Description: - conflux..need to say more?

1. SPRITE (neutral)

2. LESSER AIR ELEMENTAL (neutral, elemenal)

3. LESSER WATER ELEMENTAL (neutral, elemental)



6. GREATER ELEMENTAL (elemental)
PSYCHIC ELEMENTAL (stronger, but attack only one target)
MIND ELEMENTAL (weak, but attacks everyone around)

7a. ELEMENTAL GUARDIAN (50% water, earth, fire, air resistance, fire & ice damage, elemental)
7a. ELEMENTAL WHIRLWIND (40% water, earth, fire, air resistance, randomly casts an elemental attack spell at a enemy each turn.)


Chữ ký của Kevin[F]

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Thông tin Heroes VI MiniclockTue 24 Aug 2010, 11:57 am

..:: Royal Leader ::..




Royal Leader
Tổng số bài gửi : 475
XK Coin : 6233
Thanked : 108
Status : ..:: Royal Leader ::..

Bài gửiTiêu đề: Re: Thông tin Heroes VI

BlackEscaflowne - Ubi Forum đã viết:

//////////////////////SKILLS /////////////////////////////
Knockback - attacks sweeps enemy unit off it's feet (ie- it falls on it's behind). Reduces the defense for 1 turn and pushes it back.
Aura of Courage - all friendy units 5 hexes from the Paladin are immune to any fear effects and have increased morale regeneration
Evasion - high chance of evading area effect spells
Freedom of movement - Imunity to movement affecting spells
Wail of Banshee - demoralizying scream attack that affects multiple units in a cone shaped area
Horror - reduces morale of a attacked unit
Chill Touch - attack deals cold damage in addition to normal damage. Has a small chance of lowering the enemy AP.
Devine Grace - Improved defense against attacks from Evil units.
Devine Protection - Improved resistance against poisions, deseases and dark magic
Nature's Wraith - The Elf Lord puts his hand on the ground and glowing branches shoot out of the ground and damage any enemy unit 5 hexes away.
Cleave - if the creatures attack finished off a enemy stack it autmaticly(and freely) attacks another enemy standing right next to it (if there is any)
Combustion - the unit can self combust, dealing fire damage to any sorrounding unit
Drain Vigor - reduces the attack rating of the hit creature
Corpse Eater - attack a dead stack to gain health. If health is full each unit gains additional HP's (1-2)
Thralleater - can eat a thrall to regain full health and gain +1 to Attack Rating
Battlerage - unit gets a huge attack bonus for 3 turns. When the spell runs out it gets a defense penalty.
Climber - unit can climb over castle walls
Magic Mantle - First two direct magic attacks upon the unit with a mantle are either nullified or reflected back
Teleport - units teleports directly to the desired spot. can circumvent obstacles liek moats and magic walls.
Grip - unit can grab another unit and hold her tightly, reducing the attack and defense of the unit as long as it holds it. The unit that does the holding allso has lowered defense and can only hold 1 enemy unit at a time.
Slave of the Pit's - any dead demon stack can be brough back to life as 1 level lower demon.
Melt - reduces the targets armor rating with each hit.
Elemental - creature is made out of a single element. 90% resistance to the type of elemental damage it's made of, but 50% weakness to the opposite. Allso, normal weapons do 40% less damage to it, while magical do 20% less damage.
Etheral - creture is unsubstantial and as such recives less damage from normal weapons (up to 60%) and elemental atacks(up to 30%) Magical weapons deal 90% damage to it.
Life Steal – damage done to enemy unit is added to it's health, and if the max health is excedeed, new units raise from the dead. Drain doesn't work on any units with imunity to it or on units that don't have life-force, like elementals and constructs..
Thief - unit has a chance to steal something from an enemy hero after battle (regardless if the enemy retreated or surendered). It allways steals some gold, and sometimes even a low-level artifact (if any is available)


(I copied ETHERIC'S becouse his idea is EXCELLENT...The best I've seen so far. I am tweaking his list and adding more spells, so that's why I copied it..can't edit his post, now can I?. I copied only the spells list, the system description is in his thread.)


1: Cure(replenish HP, single), Bless (do max damage, single), Resilience (50% resistance to any negative enchantment)

2: Exorcism (remove negative ench, single), Heal (cures poison spell and effects, replenish some HP, single), Holy Word (damages undead, single), Ray of Light (damage to undead, single, heals good creatures)

3: Mass Cure (all friendly + cures poison (spell and effects)), Martyr (target 1 takes damage in place of target 2), Averted Eyes (taget gains 25% chance to miss with physical attack, single), Fervor (max morale, single)

4: Mass Excorcism (all friendly), Prayer (increase stats, all life-units), Holy Shout (damages undead, all), Mass Bless (all friendly)

5: Mass Fervor (all friendly)


1: Summon Sprite, Summon Leprechaun,

2: Summon Wolf, Wasp Swarm (disable, single)

3: Summon Satyr, Necromancy Ward (no raisings in combat)

4: Summon Unicorn, Entangle (target can't move, single)

5: Nature's Wraith, Rejuvenation (units get 5hp back every turn)


1: Scuttle Boat, Bloodlust (increase meleê att, single)

2: Confuse (disable, single), Scapegoat (all retaliation-damage done to target 1 is done to target 2 instead)

3: Mana Flare (halve SP-cost, all), Mass Bloodlust (all friendly), Delusions of Grandeur (target can't attack creatures below it's level, single)

4: Frenzy (add def to att, single), Cloud of Confusion (disable, area)

5: Berserk (enemy unit attacks nearest), Chaos Sphere (every unit in a radius from the target point have 50% chance of being feebleminded - wander around, attack someone or just stay still)


1: Raise Skeleton, Curse (do min damage, single)

2: Animate Dead (raise dead troop, temp, single), Haunt Mine (deflags mine and infests it with ghosts (the scary kind))

3: Raise Banshee, Mass Curse (all hostile), Death Ray (damage, single, heals undead)
4: Death Call (raise dead troop (more than animate), temp, single), Call of the Grave (lower stats, all Life)

5: Hand of Death (kill living), Decompose (single, unit gets weaker with each turn)


1: Precision (increase ranged dam, single)

2: Dispel (remove all ench, single)

3: Mass Precision (all friendly), Apathy (target can't retaliate, single)

4: Mass Dispel (all), Brainwash (target is immune to mind-spells and effects, single)

5: Hypnotize (control X number of enemy troops), Organize Defense (all units in a stack get a defense bonus)

1: Breeze (halves ranged-attack range, all)

2: Hurricane (damage, single)

3: Storm (no flying, all)

4: Gale (no ranged attacks, all) Static (disrupts the magical energies, making all spells have 50% casting failure, all)

5: Tornado (damage, area)


1: Stoneskin (small def-boost, single)

2: Ironskin (medium def-boost)

3: Mass Stoneskin (all friendly)

4: Mass Ironskin, Earthquake (damage all non-flyers (and castle walls))

5: Steelshape (very big def-boost, 50% MR, movement and speed halved, single), Rupture Earth (opens a hole in the ground beneath a creature, makes terran impassable and has a chance of destroying several creatures - the slower the creature, the greater the chance)


1: Firebolt (damage, single)

2: Aura of Fire (adds fire-damage to target)

3: Fireball (damage, area), Ring of Fire (damage, around target)

4: Inferno (damage, area)

5: Incinerate (massive damage, single) Firestorm (damage, all),

1: Quench (damage to fire-creature, halves damage of fire-based attack, single)

2: Mud (makes patch of slow movement. All troops stepping
on it affected, but visible to friendly troops (only))

3: Mire (slows enemy hero, adventure-map)

4: Mass Mud (several patches)

5: Drown (massive damage to living\firebased (fire elemental, efreet and similar, +50% if firebased and living efreet)), single)

Life + Air

1: Heavenly Armour (increases def, single)

2: Airward (-50% damage and 50% MR to Air)

3: Celestial Armour (increase def, all)

4: Mass Airward (all friendly)

5: Divine Intervention (heals top creaure in each stack, resurrects dead heroes)

Life + Earth

1: Summon Boat

2: Earthward (-50% damage and 50% MR to Earth)

3: Defender (the "defend" function doubles def)

4: Mass Earthward (all friendly)

5: Resurrection (resurrects n XP of creatures, permanent, single)

Life + Fire

1: Slayer (target does double damage to all top-lvl creatures, single)

2: Fireward (-50% damage and 50% MR to Fire)

3: Mass Slayer (all friendly)

4: Mass Fireward (all friendly)

5: Smite (ridiculous amount of damage to demon, undead and machinery\animated matter, single)

Life + Water

1: Pacifism (target can't perform hostile action, single)

2: Waterward (-50% damage and 50% MR to Water)

3: Regeneration (target regenerate HP each round, single)

4: Mass Waterward (all friendly)

5: Guardian Spirit (same as H4's Guardian Angel)

Nature + Air

1: Winds of Fury (throws stack into the air, so it lands facing a random direction, small damage, single)

2: Haste (doubles targets movement), Cat's Grace

3: Flight (target gains flight, single), Summon Air Elemental

4: Meteor Shower (damage, area)

5: Mass Haste (all friendly)

Nature + Earth

1: Summon Rock (place large rock on battlefield)

2: Giant Strenght (+25% HP and damage, single)

3: Summon Earth Elemental

4: Anti-Magic (target immune to magic, single)

5: Strenght of Nature (doubles HP and damage of target), Nature's Wraith

Nature + Fire

1: Inner Vigor, Acid Arrow,

2: Speed (doubles targets speed)

3: Wildfire (low fire-damage over large area), Summon Fire Elemental

4: Heart of Nature (doubles effectiveness of summoning-spells (nature only, not raise-spells), all), Insect Swarm

5: Mass Speed (all friendly)

Nature + Water

1: Fortune (max fortune, single)

2: Slow (halve enemy movement, single),

3: Mass Fortune (all friendly), Summon Water Elemental

4: Mass Slow (all friendly), Acid Splash

5: Fountain of Youth (heals top creature of stack, max moral, all friendly)

Chaos + Air

1: Counterstrike (gains 1 extra retal, single)

2: Shockwave (sends shockwaves in all directions around the caster doing damage to all nearby)

3: Lightning (damage, single)

4: Counterstrike (all friedndly)

5: Chain Lightning (damage, branches from target to nearby targets)

Chaos + Earth

1: Boulder (damage, area)

2: Disrupting ray (lower def, single, cumulative)

3: Sandstorm (no ranged attacks, lower defense, all)

4: Disintegrate (damage, single)

5: Mass Disruption (lower def, all hostile, cumulative)

Chaos + Fire

1: Chaos Flame (Ball of flame erupting from the target hex, making 3 random jumps on another hex in vicinity)

2: Reflexes (target gains first strike, single)

3: Fire Blast (damage, area)

4: Mass Reflexes (all friendly), WildFlame (fire erupts at 5 random spots on the battlefield and leaps to another random position every turn, for 3 turns)
5: Armageddon (massive damage, all)

Chaos + Water

1: Summon Whirlpool (summons a whirlpool that connects to other whirlpools on the map is if it was naturally there. Lasts a day)

2: Misfortune (max bad morale, single)

3: Magic Mirror (reflects magic back at caster)

4: Mass Misfortune (all hostile)

5: Geysir (damage, area)

Death + Air

1: Foul Vapours (decrease def, area)

2: Death Ripple (damage living, all)

3: Breath of Death (drain life from target to caster, single)

4: Plague (loose HP each round, all living)

5: Death Wave (damage living hard, all)

Death + Earth

1: Rockbones (increase def of skeletal creatures)

2: Weakness (decrease target att, single)

3: Aging (lower stats, single)

4: Mass Weakness (all hostile)

5: Reanimate (brings dead units back to undeath, permanent, single)

Death + Fire

1: Sorrow (lower morale, single)

2: Aura of Fear (target gains "no retaliaton"-ability)

3: Mass Sorow (all hostile)

4: Sactifice (kill target stack to give x2 hp to another)

5: Spontaneous Combustion (blow up target friendly stack for splash-damage equal to stacks HP)

Death + Water

1: Cancellation (remove positive ench, single)

2: Poison (target looses HP each round, single)

3: Lifedrain (drains life from all living to caster (only a little), all hostile)

4: Mass Cancellation (all hostile)

5: Vampirism (target gains HP on attacking, single)

Order + Air

1: Illusion (creates illusions of target creature (based on caster strenght), with half attack-power, dispelled if attacked or dispelled\cancelled)

2: Displacement (pushes target, single)

3: Teleport (teleport stack, single)

4: Phantom (creates illusions of target creature (based on caster strenght), at full strenght and HP, dispel\cancellable)

5: Implosion (damage, single)

Order + Earth

1: Bind (target looses flight)

2: Steal Enchantment (transfer one enchantment from one enemy to one friendly stack)

3: Power Drain (double SP-cost of targets spells)

4: Pain Mirror (reflects a portion of damage to target back to attacker, single), Stone Clasp(two hands of stone erupt from the earth, one to the left and one to the right of a targeted creature and then they clasp)
5: Steal Enchantments (transfer all enchantments from all enemy stacks to friendly stacks)

Order + Fire

1: Banish (deals damage to summoned\raised creature, single)

2: Firewall (sets wall of fire, damage to all who pass)

3: Blind (target can't take any action)

4: Fireshield (fire-damage to any who attack target, single)

5: Theodorus's Scorcher (thin line of fire between caster and target, damaging target and all between) Wink

Order + Water

1: Ice Bolt (damage, single)

2: Forgetfullness (target can't use ranged)

3: Frost Ring (damage around target)

4: Ice Blast (damage, area), Healing Showers(area, heles freindly, damages fire creatures)

5: Mass Forgetfulness (all hostile)


Chữ ký của Kevin[F]

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Thông tin Heroes VI MiniclockTue 24 Aug 2010, 11:58 am

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Re: Thông tin Heroes VI

    Ý kiến của tác giả:

BlackEscaflowne - Ubi Forum đã viết:

An idea is cooking in my head.
In AOW flying units were allways in the air, and only ranged units could attack them (melee units could only retaliate at their attack). This made them powerfull (actually..almost too powerfull)
Now I'm thinking of something else.

Flying units start the battle on the ground (like normally) but when you order them to move they hover in the air and can only be attacked by ranged units. If they attack someone they land (and can be hit by retailiation), and if they haven't enough AP to take off again, remain on the land for that turn. They automaticly land at the end on every second turn (so even melee untis can fight them).

This way flying units finaly have something going for them, but at the same time they aren't ovepowered.

Have an idea for Armor.
any unit has attacks that either do Slashing, Piercing or Blunt damage.
different armors offer different protection from each, thus making units more specific.
Full Plate would have great resistance from everything, while chainmail would have excellent from Piercing, good from slashing and poor from Blunt.
Creature hide and sclae would also have specific resistances.

so you're up against dozens of pikemen with your archers. Pikeman have Ringmail Armor (excellent Piercing resistance), which means your archers are far less effective against them. But you petty squires, who do blunt damage are going to be perfect against them, since they will do full damage.

This might be a bit too far fetched, but it's just a idea.
Allso, for units like dragons, Phoenix, and similar that throw/spit - their firebreath is their standard attack, but you can chosse the slash with the claw or swing with the tail if neeed be allso. I vote for this since if a dragon is up against the phoeinx, it would loose badly to to it's fire Imuity (or very high resistance), and since it makes sense...

Remember the Schoolars from Heroes3, the Huts in which you could learn secondary skills and treasure chests?
What they lack is the simple REFUSE option.

so if you walk to a schoolar and he teches Basic Navigation (and you don't want that for your hero), you can just decline his kind offer, and he will either dissaper and appear somewhere else, or stay put and wait for someone else.

The same for hut's - yu can decline the lessons if you don't want the skills.

Same for chests, but if you decline the skills, the chest nd the EXP are gone...

Chữ ký của Kevin[F]

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Thông tin Heroes VI MiniclockThu 26 Aug 2010, 9:40 am

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Re: Thông tin Heroes VI

mcgslo - Ubi Forum đã viết:

GOOD factions: (magic schools: White magic,Nature Magic,Water Magic)

-Heaven/Human: with tier7 Angels or Paladin-Angels (primary White Magic)

-Rangers/Nature: with tier7 White Dragons or Giant treants (could attack with underground roots..) (primary Nature Magic)

-Swamp/watter castle: with tier7 Hydras or Giant Snakes (primary Water Magic)

EVIL Factions: (magic schools: Fire Magic, Black Magic, Warrior Shouts)

-Hell: with tier7 Devils or "balrog kind of creature" (primary Fire Magic)

-Barbarrians: with tier7 Behemonds or trolls (primary Warrior shouts)

-Necromancer: with tier7 Ghost Dragons or death reapers (primary Black Magic)

NEUTRAL Factions: (magic schools: Order Magic, Air Magic, Earth Magic)

-Wizards/Academy/Cloud city: with tier7 Titans (primary Order Magic)

-Dungeon: with tier7 Black Dragons (primary Earth Magic)

-Elemental City: with tier7 Phoenix (primary Air Magic)

OTHER Faction ideas:
-Industry City: with tier7 Machanical creature
-Complete Underwatter Castle: with tier 7 sea creatures or Giant squids or Krakens
-Elemental City could also be torn to 4 different castles with Elements... like Earth Castle, Air, Watter,Fire castles

Chữ ký của Kevin[F]

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Thông tin Heroes VI Miniclock

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Re: Thông tin Heroes VI


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Thông tin Heroes VI

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